Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Honeymoon: Santa Cruz and San Jose

Heading out of San Francisco with the top down


It doesn't take long before it starts to look like Highway 1, with drop-offs & curves

And gorgeous views

Richard took a few close-ups of the car at our hotel in Half Moon Bay

I love the retro look of the panel

We pulled off at a beach and Richard got to see the Pacific for the first time

It was so cold!


It really doesn't look like it would be that cold!

We went to Capitola for lunch--this beach was much warmer than the first one!

Trying to navigate around Santa Cruz--I hadn't been there since 2005, and we did the whole trip without SatNav or maps (we checked out Google Maps using Starbucks wi-fi in a couple of panic situations, but we did pretty well just using road signs!)

Our car's ancestor

Off to San Jose

We went to the Tech Museum in San Jose, which was a lot like the Pacific Science Center.  I'd forgotten that San Jose was the home of Silicon Valley!  

Back at Santa Cruz

Sarah gave us these flip-flops for our honeymoon--Richard's say Mr on the sole and mine say Mrs

So cute!

The main Boardwalk rides are only open on the weekends, because it's off-peak--I didn't know this, but thankfully we arrived on a Friday so we went to the arcade, had dinner downtown, and just came back in the morning to do the rides

We had dinner at Betty's, a burger place downtown

Richard had this crazy float--Guinness, Jameson, Baileys and vanilla ice cream.

The next day at the boardwalk--we got soaked on the Logger's Revenge ride!

We had to go sit on the beach for awhile to dry off

The Giant Dipper roller coaster was great!  Very scary, though!

Even if it was off-season, it was still pretty busy & very hot there

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