Thursday, 27 September 2012

Honeymoon: LA

Capitol Records--first sign that I knew we were really in LA and not just in suburban sprawl

ABC, another clue!

We went past this train museum on the way to LA Zoo

We had to stop & check it out, but it was really just for kids--not like the one in York

Still, Richard had fun looking at these in the yard

Seal at the LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens--it was a really good zoo, and was one of the only affordable things we could find to do (Universal Studios was over $100 a person, Hollywood bus tours were $60+, and the Zoo was only $17!)

Reggie the alligator--he was somebody's pet, and they released him in a lake when he got to be too big!  It took county workers 2 years to find him, and he's been in the zoo ever since.  Poor Reggie!


I love this one--crossing his front legs like Cookie does!

They have so much personality!

They had so many flamingoes

Tree frogs

Amazonian turtles

Horned lizard

Up at the very top you can see the koala--there's another one sleeping behind the leaves.  This zoo was pretty good about being able to see the animals, unlike Woodland Park...


This orangutan mama & baby were so cute!

The baby was so fearless & climbed all the way up to the top!


It's a bit hard to see, but this adorable monkey was cleaning his tail

We got to see a zookeeper feeding the tortoises--it gives a good impression of size, too--they're huge!

Squirrel monkey--he was so friendly!

Jaguar--he lapped up water just like a cat!

Overall, it was a really great zoo--the only issue was that it was extremely hot (90?) and I was melting! I don't know how people live here...Granted, they probably think the same thing about the rain & cold in Seattle & England.

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