Monday, 16 July 2018

3 Years Old

George is 3 years old!

We started off the month with a day trip to Beverley

St Mary's

We had cream teas at a lovely tea room on the high street, Kavanaghs

We found a Golden Book of fairytales at a charity shop--he loves them!

Victoria Quarter

Tea at John Lewis

We've been having a heat wave all month--it's gotten up into the upper 20s C/80s F, which is shocking!
Otley Carnival

George enjoyed watching the bands and floats go by

This was that vintage truck we saw back in May at the Otley Show

George was most excited about the fire engine

We had tea and cupcakes at our church's Teas on the Lawn event after the parade

These two were cupcakes I'd made--Chocolate with Rolos and Battenberg

George asked for a chocolate one when he saw them in the car on the way to church, so we told him they were for charity and he'd have to buy one--so then he asked us for money!

We kicked off George's birthday weekend on the Friday evening at the Far Headingley Beer Festival. There were lots of other kids and the live music was good--George had a good time dancing around!

The next day we went to Diggerland--it was awesome!

They hooked a duck!

Richard drove a big JCB with George and me riding behind

I drove the dumper

I went on the big crazy spinning ride, too--it was surprisingly fast and really does make you dizzy! 

George loved the little power wheels--they're remote control, but they let the kid think they're driving it

George took it very seriously--when they guy put his seatbelt on and told him about keeping his hands on the wheel, George nodded very solemnly and kept his hands firmly on the wheel!

I did this treasure finding one, too, where you have to sift bars out of the gravel

Richard & George digging

George loved the Little Tikes cars, too--he kept going in the police cars and telling other kids off

George went up this ramp but wasn't too confident about coming back down (he did it eventually, which was good because it was an area that was really tough for parents to get into!)

Driving a tank

The next day, we went to the Keighley-Worth Valley Railway for their Ivatt launch event

It was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the heritage railway, and they launched a recently restored steam engine, the Ivatt

The Ivatt, with its very shiny fresh paint

This year I made a train cake with his Thomas minis--Chocolate on the inside, with vanilla frosting (I used a whole tube of green food colour, but it still came out very light green!)

We told him to use his fork, not his hands--he used both!

I love that expression!

After cake, it was time for presents!

Ruth gave him the Thomas Coal Hopper figure-8 set

We put it together and he loved it!

And he loved the Tonka construction vehicle set from Ruth, too!

I love it when he combines worlds--Peppa, George and Grandpa Pig on the construction site!

Opening the Peppa Pig Classroom set from Aunt Julie & Debbie!

He loves the Sesame Street t-shirt, too!

George was so excited about the Woody doll

He immediately pulled the string on his back without prompting

His big present from Mommy & Daddy--the roundhouse for his trains

Happy birthday, George!