Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Honeymoon: Napa Valley

After the long drive up from LAX, we started our honeymoon properly in Napa Valley
The Wine Train--a pricey dinner train that we'd read about.  Reviews said that you get the same views by driving on Highway 29, and sure enough, the train tracks run right alongside the highway.  

Some of these wineries were just gorgeous--I love the tree-lined driveway

And this adorable classic car!

The tourism office recommended this winery, V. Sattui, as it's the only one with a deli and picnic area (we wanted a winery that serves food, because we were driving--apparently noon was already too late in the day to catch one of the bus tours.  They leave the city centre at 11 am!)

It turned out to be a great choice, and the tourism office had given us vouchers for wine tasting--premium wines for the standard price, just $10 for 6 different wines!

We had a look around the cellar & little museum area, too

I love this poster--"Room for millions of immigrants"!

I don't know what alcohol has to do with security...

The wine tasting experience

They just give you a little bit of each one--we stuck with reds and tried a couple of different Zinfandels, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and finished off with madeira (I'd never tried it before, but it was delicious--caramel flavours!)

A taste of Italy here in California...

Hummingbird outside the stone house

There was another Ford Mustang convertible parked next to us at the winery--the driver chatted with us, and they turned out to be tourists in a rental, too

More vineyards

On the road  out of Napa, towards San Francisco

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