Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Honeymoon: San Francisco

Our first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge

Richard had the camera and I drove slowly so he could get pictures--I think we may have overdone it!

One last shot out the back window

Throughout the trip, gas was running about $4--SF had some of the highest prices we saw!

British Motor Cars--Jags, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, etc.

City Hall

Castro district

Mom's old stomping grounds at Haight and Cole

Richard wasn't that into the Haight-Ashbury area...I shouldn't have been surprised--the English and hippies don't really mix!

We went to Golden Gate Park instead, and Richard liked it much better!

The Botanical Gardens in the park have a 'fragrance garden' section where you touch & smell everything--so much fun!

Richard fed a squirrel his peanut granola bar

It ate right out of his hand!

Then they started to get a little too close...When he was surrounded by 4 of them, I made us move on!

Tiny little baby turtle--so cute!

City Hall

I love these trams--so cute!

Gap's flagship store downtown

Port of San Francisco building

Coit tower

Sea Lions!

I could sit there & watch these guys all day--so cute!

We took a bay cruise--it goes under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz

Ghirardelli building

Palace of Fine Arts

Alcatraz was so scary looking up close...I would never want to go there.  It costs $75, too!

So creepy!

We went to the Musee Mechanique, too

We took a cable car up to Chinatown for lunch

I love the architecture

First signs that we're in Chinatown


Palace of Fine Arts

It's like something out of Rome...

One last picture before we go down the coast!

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