Friday, 28 September 2012

Honeymoon: Disneyland

The entrance gates are all done up for Halloween

We arrived so early, the rides weren't open yet, but we were able to get some good shots in before the crowds arrived--it makes it look like we've got the place to ourselves!

Indiana Jones was closed, so our first ride of the day was the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-it was great, and seemed much more tame after having gone on the Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz a couple of days before

The Haunted Mansion--they really overhauled it a few years ago to do "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and I miss the classic version.  

I love the architecture in New Orleans Square

We took the railroad around the park from New Orleans Square to Tomorrowland--I'd never bothered to go on it before, but it was actually pretty cool.  You get to go through Splash Mountain, and it's an actual steam train!

The Matterhorn

They've revamped Star Tours since the last time I was on it (possibly when I was 12...?) to reflect the new movies, and it was really good!

They randomly select a picture of one of the people in your group to be the "spy" they're looking for, and this time they used a picture of me!

There were some amazing things in the gift shop, like make-your-own-light-sabers (as well as some very sad, nerdy things, like Mickey Mouse dressed as Anakin Skywalker and Minnie as Princess Amidala...)

In the line for the Matterhorn Bobsleds

They've revamped the Submarine Voyage, too--now it's Finding Nemo!  It was really great, and we loved the seagulls on the buoy calling out "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

Traditional bridge picture

Better shots over here, where the sun isn't right in our eyes

Target practice in Frontierland

Splash Mountain was great, as always!  We were at the back, and we didn't get too wet.  The woman in the front of ours got soaked--wearing white was a bad choice!

After Splash Mountain, we ran over to California Adventure--it was pretty good, but I'm glad we spent most of the day at Disneyland.  There weren't many things we wanted to do over there.  We had ice cream sundaes while we looked at the map, then did a Monsters Inc ride, watched a Pixar parade, went to Cars Land, then did the 'Soaring over California' ride before it was back to Disneyland for the parade.

Grizzly Falls white water rafting ride--I was up for it, but Richard thought we'd already been knocked around enough for the day, haha!

The weird thing about going to California Adventure after the road trip is that we saw things we'd already just seen--like this vineyard!

The Pixar Play Parade was pretty fun--a lot of the floats blew bubbles and squirted water at the audience

We loved the Toy Story green Army soldiers!

I love Slinky!

It really did look like Radiator Springs--it was amazing!

There are only 3 rides in Cars Land--this one's Mater's Junkyard, and it's a bit like a tilt-a-whirl style ride where you get spun/pulled around by little tractors

I'm always blown away by Disney's attention to detail--the rusty metal signs, the oil cans, etc.

Sarge's is a gift shop

The Cozy Cone!

The real Lightning McQueen!

Flo's V8 Cafe

Luigi's Casa della Tires has the second ride in Cars Land, Luigi's Flying Tires

I love how the line for the ride is an experience in itself, walking through Luigi's showroom

The ride itself was so-so--very long wait for a short ride, and it was difficult to steer the hovercraft-style tires around.

Overall, Cars Land was brilliant, and it was so cool to feel like you're in Radiator Springs!

Back at Disneyland for the parade

Disney Princesses float--they were good about waving at all of the little girls who were going nuts

Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog--we watched it on the flight to LA, so we'd get the references.  They need to do a ride in New Orleans Square for it!

Mary Poppins & Bert!

After the parade, we caught the last cruise of the Mississippi River Boat

I'd never been on it, but it was great--really cool at night, too

The Mad Tea Party was a great one to do at night, too--it's well-lit with all of the lanterns

We spun it like crazy and got very dizzy...

After a breakdown with the Peter Pan ride, we jumped out of the line and ran over to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

As one last thing before the park closed, we popped in the Emporium to look for a souvenir photo frame.  They had a wedding one, very tasteful in silver with 'Happily Ever After' on it, and the cashier gave us these 'Just Married' badges when we told her we were on our honeymoon!

On the tram back to the parking garage--exhausted but happy!

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