Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

We celebrated New Year's Eve at Woodie's Ale House here in Headingley. It was my first New Year's Eve abroad, and it was fun to see BBC's coverage instead of Dick Clark (RIP) and Ryan Seacrest for a change. 2012 was a massive year for us--we bought the new flat and fixed it up, we went to Paris, I had my first conference presentation, and last but not least, we got married and went on our honeymoon! It was a great summer to be staying in Britain, too, with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics!

My resolutions for 2013 are all related to the fact that I'm finishing my PhD and that we're enjoying our newlywed & childless status this year. I want to do all of the things that we won't be able to do (as much) once we have kids: travelling around Europe, going to the movies, dining out at nice restaurants, shopping, sleeping in on Saturdays, etc. As much as we're looking forward to starting a family, we're well aware of the changes it's going to create in our life. The main goal is to finish the PhD and start my career, but smaller goals, like going to the movies more often, are also important :)

Happy New Year to my friends and family!

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