Saturday, 22 December 2012

Abbey House Museum

Our stockings--it was so great to see my stocking that I've had for as long as I can remember. Richard had gotten some presents for Cookie, so I got her a stocking & decorated it with glitter glue. It's going to be her 18th Christmas! 

The tree looks complete now that it has presents underneath :)

On Friday we went to the Abbey House Museum at Kirkstall Abbey--we'd never actually been, and it was much more involved than we thought it would be. There's a whole Victorian street set up with little shops like this grocery store. There was an ironmonger, a chemist, a clothier, and examples of different homes--upper class, middle class, working class.
There's a dress-up section, too!

I love this temperance movement propaganda--they make a great point!

Upstairs in the museum they have a huge Victorian childhood section

This doll house was amazing

Also in the girls' section--"Miss Pre-Teen's battery operated Vacuum Cleaner"

That would be so disappointing at Christmas, haha!

I'd much rather have this game--"Exciting, Interesting, Educative!"

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