Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Our First Christmas Together ornament from Mom & Kelly--Richard used one of our engagement photos that fit just perfectly

We tried to get Cookie to wear the Santa hat, but it was too big for her...

Cookie loves having us both home for the break--we've been watching a lot of movies and she cuddles up on our laps

This year we decided to blend my family's tradition of a Christmas Eve Smorgasbord with the English tradition of a Christmas Day roast dinner--for the Smorgasbord we had bread, crackers, pigs in blankets, pickled herring, olives, proscuitto, Italian herbed ham, and a cheese platter with mature cheddar, brie, Stilton, red Leicester, and cranberry Wensleydale.

Wearing our hats from the Christmas crackers--we got a six pack from Sainsbury's and they were already marked down to half-price on the 21st! We opened 2 on Christmas eve, 2 on Christmas day and we're saving the last 2 for New Years Eve.

On Christmas Day, I actually took the time to jot down a little schedule of timings for when the different components of the roast dinner needed to be put in the oven. It made all the difference! The roast potatoes turned out perfectly crispy & fluffy & cooked through, the beef was cooked to medium with just the right amount of pink (I usually over-do it and dry it out), and my first attempt at making Yorkshire puddings was a success! I also made Brussels sprouts well for the first time in my life (it's a traditional English Christmas dinner element). Since I haven't had experience making them, I followed Nigella's instructions precisely and they were so delicious! I love vegetable dishes that involve butter and pancetta/bacon!

Christmas dinner!

Clockwise: Roast beef, roast potatoes, honey-glazed parsnips, Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and pancetta, broccoli and carrots, and Yorkshire puddings.

At the end of the night, Cookie had her festive cat treats from her stocking--turkey and sausage flavour!

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