Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christkindlemarkt and Temple Newsam

These Steins hold a whole litre each!  Yikes!

After the market, we went to the Victoria to warm up

On Friday we went to Temple Newsam--we hadn't been inside the house before and it was great to see it all decked out for Christmas 

This huge silver tub is a wine cooler

This wig was really hard to keep on--I look like a combo of Marie Antoinette and Marge Simpson!

The house holds a lot of museum piece furniture that wouldn't really have been in the house--like this bed, originally part of a state room at Hinton House, Somerset (interesting article about it from last year in Yorkshire Evening Post)

Picture Gallery

Georgian office

This doll house was amazing--and it turns out that, like most things in Yorkshire, it has a Bronte connection!

A bed that Henry VIII may or may not have slept in...

View of the gardens

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