Wednesday, 3 June 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant

At around 7 lbs and full length, Baby Bettie is nearly ready for the outside world! Last week was officially full term, so his/her lungs are functional but there are still some final touches to the brain & nervous system going on at this stage. We're getting so excited to meet him/her--wondering what baby will look like, who they'll take after in looks or personality, etc. I'm also getting tired of saying him/her and I can't wait to find out if we have a son or a daughter! 

I'm still feeling pretty good, considering I'm at full term now. I'm happy to keep him/her cooking for another couple of weeks, but I would really love it if he/she would drop. The midwife commented today that the baby feels very long, with head down and legs and butt in a line right under my lungs, which explains why I can't breathe these days. On the bright side, I'm proud of still being able to put my socks & shoes on and the fact that my engagement & wedding rings still fit!

We've been trying to keep active and get out and about while we wait for baby's arrival--May had two bank holidays, so that helped! We've been to Bolton Abbey and Skipton over the past couple of weekends.
The bluebells are in bloom at Bolton Abbey--so gorgeous!

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