Wednesday, 22 April 2015

32 Weeks Pregnant

(I don't know why the color came out so weird...bad lighting!)

Less than 2 months left to go now! This trimester is going so fast. Baby is supposed to be 3.8 lbs and 19 inches long, and as of my last midwife appointment, he/she is head down (I'm still getting kicked at the top/front of my belly, not in the ribs) . We're almost done with all of the finishing touches in the baby's room--I'll be posting more pics when it's all ready, probably over the weekend. We went shopping last weekend, and we're now at the point where we already have all of the essential bits & pieces. We got the 'going home from the hospital' outfit, but we're going to try not to buy any more clothes until baby arrives. Even though I'm glad we didn't find out the sex early, I've got to admit that I'm really excited to buy little suits/dresses for him/her when the time comes! 

Now that we're in the final weeks, I thought it would be fun to document where this pregnancy stands on various gender-predicting old wives' tales...

Chinese Gender Chart: Girl
Mayan Calendar: Girl
Pregnancy 'Glow': Boy
Side you prefer to rest on (left for boy and right for girl, but we're told to lie on the left??? I don't get it): Girl
Carrying high (girl) or low (boy): Girl
Carrying horizontally (girl) or out front (boy): Boy
Fetal Heart Rate (>140 Girl, <140 Boy): Boy (128-130)
Cravings (Sweet for Girl, Sour/Salty for Boy): Girl
Morning Sickness (yes for girl, no for boy): Boy (yet I've known of several women with HG who had boys...)

Remember, any of these guesses are right 50% of the time!

The parentcraft class was good and definitely worth attending, but we didn't learn all that much. It was reassuring, in that sense--it showed us that we're already pretty competent. There were some good tips about labour & the newborn stage (it's taught by one of the midwives who works in the delivery suite, so they've seen it all and really know their stuff). I'm so impressed by the way it's all done over here. When I talk with the midwives, I get the impression that they genuinely love their work and that they really do want the best possible outcomes for mothers & babies (not driven by profit, convenience, fear of litigation, etc.).

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