Wednesday, 8 April 2015

30 Weeks Pregnant

This week, Baby Bettie is supposed to be around 3 lbs and 16 in long. He/she has been giving me lots of kicks and jabs this week--nothing painful, it just surprises me a little every time. Richard's been able to feel a few good kicks, too, usually while we watch TV in the evenings. We had a great time working on the nursery this weekend and it feels good to have the room mostly ready, now that we're in the final trimester. The countdown is now in the single digits, too--9 weeks, 6 days to go!

We went to our first childbirth class last Wednesday (April Fool's Day--they didn't pull any pranks on us, despite the fact that a room full of gullible first-time-parents-to-be would be an ideal target). It was a talk about water birth, but there was also some interesting general information about labour and the maternity services at Leeds' two teaching hospitals, the Leeds General Infirmary and St. James's. The midwife giving the talk was lovely--very funny but definitely knew her stuff. Next Wednesday, we have a 3-hour 'parentcraft' session at the hospital that covers all of the various birth options and basic newborn care.

I've been feeling pretty good, overall, but I'm definitely noticing the increased size of the baby bump. I'm still able to put on socks & shoes, shave my legs, etc. but things like getting out of bed and getting off the couch are starting to get a little trickier. I'm just moving more slowly these days. It takes me a bit longer to find a comfortable sleeping position, too, though I know some women have full-on insomnia in the 3rd trimester so I'm thankful it's not that bad. I'm going to enjoy my full 8 hours/night for as long as I can before Baby Bettie arrives!

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