Saturday, 23 February 2013

York & Ilkley

 Last weekend, we went to York to see some of the museums we hadn't been to--first we went to Yorkshire Museum, which had a huge exhibit about Medieval York, "Capital of the North," in the basement

This gold & sapphire pendant was from 1460--it was found near Middleham Castle, Richard III's home before he became King (there's a better close up on the museum website)

The museum is next to the ruins of St Mary's Abbey--after the dissolution, it was converted into a palace for Henry VIII to stay in during his visits to York. Clever way to save the building!

Museum gardens

It was so sunny & lovely, we had lunch by the river--if it's this nice in the summer, I'll be happy! Last summer was so wet, we didn't mind having to be inside doing DIY projects around the flat. This year, we don't have much left to do, so I hope the weather is better!

We tried so many times to get a picture on the city wall with the Minster in the background, but the sun was right in our eyes and people kept walking past. Normally I'd delete a lousy shot like this, but our expressions are great...we're trying so hard!

We went to Micklegate Bar, a gatehouse in the city wall that's been converted into a little museum. They had replica helmets from various periods in this section about the War of the Roses.
It's also the entrance to the city that the Royals use whenever they visit York, so the top floor had an interesting little exhibit about the Royal family

View of the street from the top of Micklegate Bar

Snowdrops at Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate

River Ouse--when we were here last month, the water was up where those people are standing. It's gone back to its normal banks here, but it's still very high!

On Sunday after church we went for a picnic & a walk on Ilkley Moor--we had to cut the walk short, though, because it was so muddy. The view was gorgeous, though, and I like seeing the moors in different seasons.

Cookie's still doing well--we've started keeping that down throw on the couch because she loves it so much. She's always curled up on it or inside it, with her tail sticking out. So cute!

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