Sunday, 27 January 2013

Research trip

 My home for the week--special collections at Mullins library
 Student Union building--it's very nice, with a big common area and a fireplace, and the bookstore has a Bed Bath & Beyond section in it, too!
Wal-Mart on Campus.  The business school is named after Walton, too!
 If we had Cracker Barrel back home, I would always study like this!

My usual: Spicy grilled catfish, fried okra, turnip greens, fried apples, corn muffins and sweet tea. I ate the whole thing, too!
Barnett's Dairyette is still going (it's closed on weekends, though, so I didn't get to try it)
 Siloam Springs Memorial Hospital is being torn down

 And Taco Tico has apparently been shut down for not paying its sales tax. So tragic--I had my heart set on trying a taco burger!
 Seeing Duggar Automotive was amazing, though...
And here's the wildlife safari place for you, Kel!

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