Friday, 16 May 2014


Biscuit before her spaying surgery--she started to get a bit of a belly, and it turned out that we were overfeeding her. She was only 6 months, but the vet said it was time to switch from kitten to adult food, and to measure it out (we'd been free-feeding, just topping up the food all day!) 

Getting so big...just over 8 lbs now!
For comparison, this was Bisky back in January--such a little ball of fluff!

On May 16th, I went down to Canterbury for a Propaganda symposium in honor of David Welch, a friend and colleague of Phil Taylor's. It was great to see some of the people from the Phil Taylor conference again, and of course, it was a great excuse to visit Canterbury. 

The conference took place at the Canterbury Cathedral Lodge Hotel, right on the grounds of the cathedral

After the conference, I had a walk around town, had a delicious carnitas burrito at Club Burrito, then headed back to Kings Cross for my train home.

Cathedral grounds gate

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