Monday, 7 April 2014

Biscuit Update and Yorkshire Air Museum

We got a lovely new magazine rack the other day, and Biscuit loves playing with the old one!

She still loves her boxes, too

She's been losing her baby teeth--you can see how the top canine has a baby tooth next to an adult tooth, but the bottom one has already lost its baby tooth.

Playing in her magazine rack

Diving in head-first!

On Sunday, we went to the Yorkshire Air Museum after church--it's on an old RAF base near York (Elvington) that was also used as the Free French Air Force base during WWII.

They were having a "Thunder Day" event going on, where they fire up the engines of some of the planes--it was really loud, but it's cool that they've managed to keep these planes going!

Inside the Dakota--it's the type of plane Richard's granddad would've been on, parachuting out of it during WWII.

Command tower

These displays were fun--I overheard a little kid ask why the paint was rusted off in places. Because it's 70 years older than you, kid!

I loved this--it's a bit hard to read, but basically, this Cadbury's ad was linking its chocolate to the Ministry of Food guidelines! Cadbury's has protein, vitamins and "energy"(calories). Brilliant marketing!

These crazy little tanks have 6 wheels, and they're designed to still work with any 2 wheels disabled/removed. They used them as recently as Northern Ireland during "The Troubles".

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