Sunday, 13 October 2013

Seattle Trip part 2

I hadn't been to Canada for years--not since living in the UK--and Richard had never been, so we popped up to Vancouver for a day trip. We had very mucky weather, but managed to run between shops on Granville Island and on Robson Street.

 We had tea in the market on Granville Island

The Granville Island Market Blend was very good--sweet and slightly spicy.  The butcher stall behind me had a sign up about ordering for Thanksgiving--it's on Monday 14 October in Canada!

Overall, Richard really wasn't that keen on Vancouver--we agreed that it's a weird mix of US/UK... 

The next day, we went to Portage Bay Cafe for breakfast, near the Amazon HQ in Seattle

I look thrilled to be there! They have the world's best French toast, made from thick challah bread and they have a toppings bar with different kinds of berries, syrups and real whipped cream. 

We walked our amazing breakfast off around Pike Place Market

In all of my years in Seattle, I never actually went to the famous gum wall. It really is as disgusting as it looks in these pictures, and it even smells like bubble gum, sickly sweet and fruity.

I got this new bag at Target--so cute!

We went down to the waterfront and did a bit more shopping, played skee-ball and pinball, and had lunch at Ivar's with the seagulls

The other diners were much more daring than we were, feeding the gulls by hand. I prefer to throw chips and watch the seagulls catch them in mid-air.

This patriotic masterpiece of a truck was parked outside our hotel. Surprisingly, it had Washington plates--I was sure it would turn out to be from Texas!

We spent a morning at UW, so I could check out their Government Publications stacks. I found some great stuff for my research, and it was so fun to show Richard around my beautiful alma mater

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