Monday, 26 March 2018

33 Months

George is 33 months old!
More snow on the last day of February

We took George to a kids' art session at the Tetley museum

It was really fun and we had a nice pub lunch at the Adelphi afterwards

On the day before Mother's Day, we went to York--George loved the dress-up section at the museum!


Sir George the Brave
Stone mason's yard at York Minster

York Minster

I put George in his Irish sweater for St Patrick's Day--and we had more snow!

George is ready for summer!

Richard & George went to the rally against Brexit while Mom/Grandma and I went to Ireland (his 33 month birthday fell while we were away, so I'll put the pics from Mom's visit in a separate post!)

George loved waving his flag around!

The next day, they went to the Yorkshire Farming Museum and the Derwent Valley Light Railway

George loves postboxes

George has been lovely lately--the terrible twos stage we were going through in February seems to be over (for now?) and he is a lot of fun these days. He brings books to us and asks "Shall we read it?"--it's impossible to say no to that! He plays independently with his cars and trains, often talking away as he plays out little conversations. He sings and dances a lot--everything from Christmas classics to last summer's anthem "Despacito".

He's really coming along with his speech, repeating everything we say. When he says the alphabet, he's changed his "w" from "double-decker" to "double-do", so he's getting closer all the time! We're still working on his colors. If we hold up a yellow truck, for example, he'll say "It's a truck!" or "It's not blue!" Can't argue with that...

Firsts this month:
First Mother's Day gift selection--Richard took George shopping and he picked out chocolate for me. When he gave it to me in the morning, he promptly asked to share it!
First snow day--George's nursery had to close one day due to the snow
First St Patrick's Day meal--he loved the colcannon and ate it all up!

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