Saturday, 20 July 2013


We've been having a heatwave in the UK--the longest unbroken stretch of sunny days in a decade! Hoping to take advantage of the hot weather, we decided to go to Scarborough on Saturday morning. Of course, while it had been in the 80's and sunny in Leeds all week, it was 64 and cloudy in Scarborough. Even so, there was a pretty big crowd in town and on the beach.

It's 64 degrees and cloudy. Seriously.

Enjoying scampi and chips on the boat launch with our seagull friends

Despite the clouds, we went ahead and got our feet wet

The donkeys were on their lunch break

One of the oldest pubs in Scarborough

Another cool old building--we found these tucked away behind the main drag

We had tea at this lovely little tea room

And this ice cream was really good--very creamy!

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